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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Media, PA Fight for Fair Resolutions

Trustworthy representation for injured bikers and defendants

Even a minor motorcycle accident can cause life-altering injuries for riders and their passengers. These cases have severe potential consequences for parties on either side, so it’s imperative to retain experienced legal counsel with a proven track record in motorcycle accident cases. At Noel & Bonebrake in Media, PA, our attorneys have more than 70 years of combined experience in tough personal injury litigation that includes severe motorcycle accident cases. You can rely on us for an honest appraisal of your case and our determined efforts to deliver the best possible results under the facts of the case.

Damages available for a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania

Like other victims of personal injury, injured motorcyclists can sue for economic and noneconomic damages, including:

  • Medical expenses (present and future)
  • Lost wages (present and future)
  • Compensation for physical pain
  • Compensation for mental suffering
  • Payment for repair of a damaged bike

Motorcycle accidents often cause permanently disabling injuries, including traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, and spinal cord injuries. Plaintiffs seeking compensation for a catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a loved one, as well as defendants hoping to disprove liability or limit a damage payout, must retain a legal team that inspires their confidence.

Determining fault in a motorcycle accident case

When fault for a motorcycle accident is disputed, the injured party must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant was at fault. Our firm retains investigators to visit the scene of the accident, to compile evidence, and to interview potential witnesses. We also consult with qualified experts in forensics and accident reconstruction to assist in determining who or what caused the accident.

Although motorcycle riders are often viewed as risk-takers who make unsafe maneuvers to cut through traffic, passenger car drivers are often distracted or inattentive. When a motorists claims, “The bike just came out of nowhere,” but the rider says he was proceeding cautiously, whom should a jury believe? Or, is it possible road conditions are to blame? What about other drivers on the road whose careless actions could have been a factor? Our job is to discover and raise all pertinent facts for the jury to consider so we can secure a favorable verdict for our client. Since our founding in 2000, that’s exactly what we have done.

Anatomy of a complex motorcycle accident case

One motorcycle accident case our attorneys took to trial was P.C. and B.C. v. PENNDOT, et al. Our clients, the operator of the motorcycle and his passenger, were injured when the bike proceeded into an intersection, colliding with a car. The intersection was uncontrolled, because the Stop sign that should have required traffic along the motorcycle’s path of travel to stop had been knocked down the previous evening, but PENNDOT had not yet replaced it.

P.C. and B.C. sustained significant injuries. PENNDOT denied liability, claiming it had no notice, either actual or constructive, that the Stop sign had been knocked down, and therefore could take no corrective action to replace the sign before the accident. PENNDOT never offered any settlement amount prior to trial. Fortunately, a Delaware County jury found that PENNDOT was responsible for the accident because it did not replace the Stop sign in time. The jury awarded our clients a significant amount of compensation. Following the four-day trial, attorney Scott Bonebrake also brokered a favorable settlement with the driver of the vehicle that hit our clients.

Contact our Media personal injury lawyers for your motorcycle accident case

Noel & Bonebrake provides high-quality legal representation for plaintiffs and defendants in motorcycle accident cases. Whether you are an injured plaintiff or a defendant, call us today at 215-600-3189 or contact our Media office online to schedule a free consultation. We represent plaintiffs on a contingent basis, so there is no cost until you recover compensation by verdict or settlement.

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