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When someone or some entity acts carelessly and harms another, the cost of their bad behavior is wrongly placed on an innocent victim. Personal injury is the area of the law that allows the cost to be shifted back to the party responsible for the harm. The personal injury lawyers of Noel & Bonebrake serve clients on both sides of these types of disputes. We represent injured plaintiffs who deserve full compensation for their injuries, as well as defendants, who should only be held accountable for harm they actually caused. Our experience on both sides of personal injury claims empowers us to be better advocates for each client we serve. Our seasoned trial attorneys draw on more than 70 years of combined experience to provide skilled representation that delivers consistently excellent results for our clients.

The elements of a personal injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania

In a personal injury lawsuit, the burden is on the plaintiff to prove four elements:

  • Duty — The defendant had an obligation to act carefully to avoid causing harm to the plaintiff. In auto accident cases, the duty is to operate a vehicle safely. In medical malpractice, the duty would be to perform services at a professional level.
  • Breach — The defendant failed, by an act or omission, to fulfill the duty of care.
  • Causation — The defendant’s breach of the duty of care directly caused injury to the plaintiff.
  • Damages — These are losses the plaintiff experienced as a result. Personal injury damages include medical bills (present and future), loss of income (present and future), physical pain, and mental suffering.

The proof does not have to be beyond a reasonable doubt, as with a criminal case, but “by a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning it is more likely than not that events unfolded as the plaintiff maintains.

The statute of limitations sets a deadline within which a plaintiff must file an action or lose all rights to recover compensation. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for personal injury is two years, but certain circumstances can extend the period beyond the two-year limit. It’s always best to consult a knowledgeable attorney before making an assumption one way or the other about your rights.

Experience with a wide range of personal injury cases

Our Media law firm has represented injured parties and defendants in cases involving the following areas:

  • Motor vehicle accident liability — Our practice includes car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian-involved traffic accidents.
  • Premises liability — Cases where a landlord might be held accountable for injury on property include slip and fall accidents and dog bites. We represent injured plaintiffs as well as defendant homeowners and business owners.
  • Construction and workplace accidents — Most workplace accidents limit the injured employee to workers’ compensation benefits. However, certain circumstances, especially in the construction industry, can allow an injured party to seek full personal injury compensation. Our attorneys prosecute and defend these types of cases.
  • Products liability — Thousands of Americans are injured every year by defective consumer products. Products liability cases are different from other types of injury cases because strict liability is the standard. Plaintiffs do not have to prove negligence; they only have to prove a defect existed and the defect caused the harm.
  • Medical malpractice — Our attorneys represent injured patients as well as healthcare providers and facilities.

In all of these areas, our knowledgeable attorneys are prepared to manage complex cases, including those involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.


Media Personal Injury Lawyers – No Fee Promise!

If you have recently been injured in an accident, you are probably faced with unexpected and immediate financial burdens related to medical bills, lost pay and/or property damage. The last thing you need is to increase your financial strain by adding the cost of legal services.

In cases involving personal injuries, the Media Personal Injury Lawyers at Noel and Bonebrake want to insure that you get the outstanding legal representation that you deserve without adding to your current financial burden. We do this by offering our “no fee promise”.

In this promise, our Media Personal Injury Lawyers guarantee the following to all our clients who have been injured in personal injury matters:

FREE, Confidential and Comprehensive Consultations. Our Media Personal Injury Lawyers will take the time to sit with you, pour over all the details of your case, answer all of your questions, advise you of the legal process and assist you in setting realistic expectations.

You will not owe us a nickel unless we successfully recover money for you. In simplest terms, if we do not win, you do not pay.

Contact us today at 610-892-7700 and ask to speak with Media Personal Injury lawyer Scott Bonebrake, or email Scott at [email protected] and ask how you can take advantage of our “no fee promise” to get the legal representation that you need, regardless of your financial situation.

Contact our Media personal injury lawyers for plaintiff and defense representation

Noel & Bonebrake provides high-quality legal representation for plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of personal injury cases. Call us today at 215-600-3189 or contact our Media office online to schedule a free consultation. We represent plaintiffs on a contingent basis, meaning that there is no cost to you until you recover compensation, either by verdict or settlement.

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