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Equitable Property Distribution

Media Equitable Property Distribution Lawyer

Unfortunately, all divorce matters eventually come down to dollars and cents. The assets and debts of the parties must be divided. Media Equitable Property Distribution Lawyer Scott Bonebrake can help you understand how marital property is divided between two parties under Pennsylvania law.

A number of factors are involved in matters of equitable property distribution, such as the length of the marriage, the assets of the parties, the educational background of the husband and wife, and the income and earning capacities of the parties. Lawyer Scott Bonebrake will help you achieve a good result during this process. Once property distribution has been decided, either via settlement or Court proceedings, Scott Bonebrake will assist in having the terms memorialized into a legal binding Property Settlement Agreement. Rest assured that Media Lawyer Scott Bonebrake will handle your divorce and the division of marital assets with the utmost professionalism.

Put our years of experience on your side to keep the Property Settlement simple, and obtain as favorable a result as possible under the law.

Contact Media Divorce Lawyer Scott Bonebrake for a free consultation at 215-600-3189 or email Scott at [email protected].

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