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Child Support

Child Support

Child support becomes an issue in most family law cases where a family has broken apart and minor children are involved.

Media Divorce Attorney Scott Bonebrake has handled numerous child support matters. Child support calculations are set forth in Pennsylvania by statute. In many cases, a calculation of child support owed, if any, is relatively straightforward, especially if both parents work and are W-2 employees. However, in many cases the amount owed can vary based upon a multitude of factors, including whether each party is earning in accordance with their “earning capacity”; if a family business is involved; whether private schools are involved; which party is responsible for health insurance costs; the children’s extra-curricular activities; whether one party is working “under the table”; and whether a special needs child is involved.

Media Divorce Attorney Scott Bonebrake is an experienced domestic lawyer trained in all aspects of child support. Scott has worked on many difference types of support cases, from matters which were resolved by the parties to much more difficult and contentious matters where Court involvement was required and expert testimony necessary. Scott will make every effort to expedite your case professionally and efficiently. If you are seeking to establish a child support order, or have been served with Court papers commanding your response to a child support request, or have any other issue regarding child support, Media Divorce Lawyer Scott Bonebrake will assist you throughout this difficult process.

Please call Media lawyer Scott Bonebrake at 215-600-3189 or e-mail Scott at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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